The official docker image drupal:8.3.5-apache needs a few updates to work correctly with a reverse proxy or load balancer in a bridged network.  The main issue is REMOTE_ADDR will always be the docker gateway IP and REQUEST_SCHEME will be http when seen from inside the Apache docker container on port 80.

Option 1: Application level configuration (Drupal example)

Most apps allow configuring the public URL and/or reverse proxy settings.  

Running a local Ubuntu server from an inexpensive ISP connection without a static IP is possible using a dynamic DNS client.  The dynamic DNS client will automatically update the Name Server records for your domain anytime it detects an IP change.  It is not as reliable as a static IP but it is good enough if you are on a budget.

IMPORTANT:  Before running the apt-get installer you must enter the initial dynamic IP records at NameCheap  (example below for

  • Jenkins and TeamCity - build and test automation
    • Update artifacts with incremental build numbers and release information
    • Synchronize with Jira
    • Create build pipelines that enforce managment approvals and signoffs
  • Artifactory and Nexus - release artifact managment
  • Source Control
    • Maintain GITSubversion, CVS, ClearCase repositories
    • Assist developers with source control pro
  • Linux or Windows hosting
    • Apache, Ngnx, or IIS
    • Tomcat, Jetty, Websphere, or Weblogic application servers.
  • Secure enterprise quality server coding
    • Scala - Scalatra and Play Framework
    • Java - Spring MVC, Apache Wicket, Vaadin, Jersey, etc...
    • C# - .NET Core targeting Linux or Windows
    • PHP - Maintain and customize Cake, Drupal, etc...
  • Single page web applications using a variety of JavaSc
  • Monitor complex stateful systems and web site work flows
  • Prometheus
    • Setup basic Prometheus scraping for Docker, cloud and local servers
    • Integrate with Grafana (see example)
    • Create custom Prometheus templates to display metrics.
  • Icinga 2
    • Setup robust Master/Satellite monitoring system
    • Custom web interface in addition to opensource Icinga Web 2.
  • Nagios
    • Deploy and manage traditional c