The official docker image drupal:8.3.5-apache needs a few updates to work correctly with a reverse proxy or load balancer in a bridged network.  The main issue is REMOTE_ADDR will always be the docker gateway IP and REQUEST_SCHEME will be http when seen from inside the Apache docker container on port 80.

Option 1: Application level configuration (Drupal example)

Most apps allow configuring the public URL and/or reverse proxy settings.  

Access Remote System Locally as Root using SSHFS

Sometimes editing remote files owned by root with an editor like vi is ineffective.  Because sshfs provides access to remote files as a local file system mount, you can use any local IDE on those remote files.   If you also have sudo access on remote host, you can set the sftp_server option as below to mount the remote file system with root access. 

Running a local Ubuntu server from an inexpensive ISP connection without a static IP is possible using a dynamic DNS client.  The dynamic DNS client will automatically update the Name Server records for your domain anytime it detects an IP change.  It is not as reliable as a static IP but it is good enough if you are on a budget.

IMPORTANT:  Before running the apt-get installer you must enter the initial dynamic IP records at NameCheap  (example below for